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The Pistachio Pudding and Strawberry Slush make such a wonderful springtime combination.  When I put this card together (a re-creation from something I saw, somewhere, at some time but I can't recall where), I wanted a card that could easily be for different greetings.

This card, you see, is very special. It was created with the Ronald McDonald House in mind.  

RMHC logo
  I'm the proud assistant lead on behalf of Stampin' Up! at the Ronald McDonald House on Davis Island in Tampa, FL.  This house is a bit unique in that it serves, almost entirely, infants. 

This 14 room House has a card box in each guest room, accessible to the guests at all time, to use. They often fill out thank you cards for doctors and nurses, send a note back home to family and friends when they've missed an occasion or just a note to update them on their child's progress. 

Ronald McDonald smallest pic

This House goes through approximately 300 cards per month.  The demand is high and the work load is more than I can keep up with so I devised a community plan called "Creativity for a Cause".

If you'd like to help the Tampa Ronald McDonald House you can get all the details by CLICKING HERE. 



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We are excited to host our FIRST in-person event on Saturday, August 13 in Trinity, FL! This event is open to anyone – we just hope you love to stamp.

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