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Yesterday I was posting on business Facebook page. Everything seemed fine.  I was pluggin’ along; posting, looking at pictures, reading my notifications, etc. 

I went to my Stamp Out Autism Facebook event page and noticed that someone had RSVP’d that I didn’t know. I clicked on her name, began to send her a private message about the event and a payment reminder when I got a pop up message that Facebook had blocked all my pages.

  Facebook broken heart

Apparently Facebook thinks I have too many groups and pages and feels I’m ‘suspicious’ and part of an Internet scam. (NOT!)

I’ve sent a request to Facebook for reinstatement which required documentation of "who I am".  The required document has been submitted and now I wait…impatiently.

50% of my SU! business is supported by Facebook.  Since many of my customers don't open their email Facebook has been a blessing.  Communications with them there have been consistent and effective.  In addition, I receive 80% of all my event RSVP's via Facebook.  I’m praying this gets resolved quickly but, in the meantime, I've been told it can take up to 30 days.

So, if you're one of my Facebook business page followers at "Lisa's Stamp Studio", I'm not 'out of business'. I'm still here working away, sharing, stamping and yes, teaching classes. 

Just wanted you to know – because you're important to me.




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