I'm flooded with emails and comments about the 'cover up' in today's Quick Tip Video and I want to address your concerns…because they are valid.  

In the video, I shared how to use a clear envelope to mail a card.  After I filmed the video I realized that I was exposing my friend's address for "the world to see" and had to figure out a way to cover it.

 I'm fairly new to my Mac and iMovie and I could not, for the life of me, after hours of trying, figure out how to blur her name and address.  Since I consumed so much time trying, it was too late for me to retake the video in order for it to debut this week.  So, I did, what I could and covered it up with my blog logo.

I sincerely apologize for the aggravation this has caused since you could not see the addressed envelope.

I've taken a quick picture and hopefully I can regain your confidence in what I share.  I used a fine tip Sharpie Marker to address this clear envelope.  


Again, my sincere apologies. 

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