The Stamparatus is changing the industry’s thought process on stamp positioners! With patent dual hinged plates you can mount – and stamp – up to 4 images consecutively. The hinge system is easy to lift and move allowing you to use it for repetitive stamping techniques as well. If you’re interested, you can watch a quick repetitive stamping video produced by Stampin’ Up! by clicking HERE

The first window of Stamparatus reservations are currently being shipped. In fact, you may have recently received yours. If you missed the first reservation window, a second reservation window was opened a few weeks later.  Due to the large number of Stamparatus reservations placed during the second window, Stampin’ Up! has scheduled two available-to-ship dates. Reservations made during the first half of window 2 will ship on or around March 19th; those received during the second half will ship on or around April 9th. If you reserved your Stamparatus during the second ordering period, you should have received an email notifying you of its expected available-to-ship date. If you reserved your Stamparatus through me (Lisa’s Stamp Studio) and haven’t received a confirmation email, please let me know. Click HERE to email me. If you didn’t reserve a Stamparatus, no worries. This new product will be available in the new annual catalog ($49) debuting on June 1st.

Today’s quick tip video will provide you with tips and tricks on using your Stamparatus to include storage, cleaning, mounting, stamping, inking and important information about the magnets, which I’ve provided below the video in today’s blog post. Please be sure to scroll down and read about them.

Important Information About the Stamparatus Magnets

High-quality magnets are included with the Stamparatus and enable you to securely anchor your paper to the Stamparatus platform. While we include information about these special magnets in the product packaging, we wanted to provide you with additional context regarding their use.

Neodymium magnets (also known as rare earth magnets) are very brittle; they are also the strongest magnets available for papercrafting and are therefore standard stamp placement tool accessories in the papercrafting industry. When placed on your paper, they attract the thin, magnetic plate inside the stamping tool and prevent your paper from slipping.

Rare earth magnets must be handled with care. Lower quality magnets can snap together without effect, but all rare earth magnets (though strong) can shatter, crack, or chip regardless of shape or size. This does not indicate a manufacturing defect. Stamparatus magnets are safe when they are used as intended.

Here are some tips to follow when using Stamparatus magnets.

  • Individual magnets are extremely strong; most projects should only require one magnet.
  • Store the magnets under the base when they are not in use so they are always separated.
  • When using both magnets on a project, be mindful of their placement on the base; the further apart they are, the better.
  • If your magnets do snap together, twisting them apart is the easiest way to separate them.
  • Handle the magnets with care to avoid injury. If they snap together, Stamparatus magnets can pinch fingers or shatter.
  • Children should not play with, touch, or use Stamparatus magnets. Please store the magnets in their storage compartment when they are not in use.
  • Magnets can interfere with pacemakers; if this is a concern, please consult your physician for more information.
  • Magnets can damage electronic devices, e.g. computer hard drives, magnetized credit and debit cards, etc.
  • Magnets are a choking hazard; they should not be placed inside the mouth.
  • If the magnets do crack, chip, or shatter, we will be unable to replace them; they are not under warranty and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • If the magnets do crack, chip, or shatter, we do not recommend using them as they may have sharp edges.

These magnets are great tools when used in conjunction with the Stamparatus. Simply use them with care and follow the tips outlined above, and you will ensure a great stamping experience.

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The perfect companion for ANY crafter! The Precision Glue Press from My Sweet Petunia makes using liquid glue fast, easy and fun. With the easiest spring loaded trigger, it allows me to use liquid glue with ease even with basal joint arthritis. The stand makes the glue ready-to-use without drying out or becoming clogged. The best part? You can use ANY liquid glue inside the provided holder!

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