You Decide

 Confession time. I sat down to create a simple card for a group of ladies to make during a "Creativity For A Cause" event.  If you don't know what that is, head HERE to find out. I could not, for the life of me, decide which card to ...

Lovely Paper

I've cut more cardstock in the last 5 days than I can ever remember cutting.  And, for good reason! Next Saturday is my first all day crafting retreat!  I have 19 excited ladies attending and I can not wait!  The entire event is centered ...

Are You Ready For Spring?

It's definitely spring here in Florida!  When I left the house today I noticed a light, yellow film of pollen all over the hood of my car.'s also allergy season. Although I'd like to complain about that I'm certain there are a ...


I think we can all attest that there is something marvelous about butterflies? They are created from a plain ole' caterpillar and after metamorphosis, turn into a delicate, beautiful creature. It's one of God's many marvels, in my opinion. In a way, ...

“Happy Mail”

There's nothing like getting "Happy Mail".  That's where you open up your mailbox and amidst the bills and junk mail you find that special envelope. An envelope of a 'different size'...not the size of bills (those typically come in ...

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