Make It Monday – Doily Dress Card
This week's video is a spin off from a card designed by Becky Roberts.  Becky shows how to fold the doily another way creating more of a "party dress" skirt. Today's video shows you how to elongate the skirt, creating a more formal appearance. No two folded doilies will be identical. 

To create a party dress skirt, fold one side of the doily almost in half, leave a little center showing. Then fold the top down into a triangle. I snipped the tip off so it didn't interfere with bodice. 

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The perfect companion for ANY crafter! The Precision Glue Press from My Sweet Petunia makes using liquid glue fast, easy and fun. With the easiest spring loaded trigger, it allows me to use liquid glue with ease even with basal joint arthritis. The stand makes the glue ready-to-use without drying out or becoming clogged. The best part? You can use ANY liquid glue inside the provided holder!

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